Our Products

Asset Visibility

Live discovery of both traditional and modern assets – including cloud, mobile, and containers – across any computing platform (even the ones you didn’t know about).

Actionable Insight

Automatically assess where each asset is exposed and to what extent. Prioritize vulnerabilities, measure risks and speed remediation through intelligent use of business context.

Flexible Deployment

Flexible deployment options for managing vulnerabilities in modern organizations. Tenable.sc (managed onprem) and Tenable.io (managed in the Cloud).

Active and Passive Scanning

Unlimited Nessus sensors for active and agent scanning, as well as passive network monitoring, to maximize coverage and reduce vulnerability blind spots.


Predictive Prioritization is the first of its kind in the industry and a critical Cyber Exposure capability to more effectively measure and reduce the available attack surface. By leveraging Predictive Prioritization, security teams can focus on the flaws commonly targeted by attackers, reducing the number of vulnerabilities they need to patch first by 97% when compared to the Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS).

Predictive Prioritization is enabled through:

Threat Intelligence: Insight into which vulnerabilities are actively being exploited by both targeted and opportunistic threat actors.

Vulnerability Score: The criticality, ease of exploit, and attack vectors associated with the flaw.

Tenable Research Insights: Data science based analysis of over 100,000 vulnerabilities to differentiate between the real and theoretical risks vulnerabilities pose.

Predictive Prioritization is now available as a core capability in Tenable.io and Tenable.sc.