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A video-consultation platform that bridges the distance between highly experienced Specialists and patients with empathy to provide high-quality and affordable care

When Technology aids Empathy

A vision nurtured with years of research & conversations took its shape and form in November 2021.

Albot Health redefines access to quality care for millions of people living in remote, rural, and urban areas of India. Good health is a precursor to living a good life and video consultation is a step closer to achieving the same. Albot Health is driven by the commitment to bring the care that is as affordable as it is qualitative and as informative as it is useful.

Answering the call for a resilient healthcare system that can support and adapt to unprecedented changes and elevate the impact of quality care in people’s lives, Albot Health sets the standard for the now and future.

Pillars of Success

Prioritising Trust

With 100% transparency in the way we work with all our stakeholders.

Encoding Empathy

Into each interaction and aligning brilliant minds to be a part of our healthcare journey

Empowering patients and doctors alike

With a platform that attends to all use cases for both the parties, addresses their unique realities, and brings them together beyond the geographical divide.

A momentum of Change

With 200+ doctors catering to multiple specialties, Albot Health makes quality healthcare more accessible, convenient and affordable with video-consultation with doctors.

Our Specialities

Championing the change

"Taking quality healthcare to every household, integrated delivery networks from the grassroots to the top, and the vision to create a community based on these values has been the sole purpose behind Albot Health. We believe that the right treatment provided at the right time by the experienced specialists can add tremendous value to a person's life and subsequently to the community."

Dr. Akash Singh
Chief Executive Officer

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