TOBY- Improving Mental Health Outcomes Through Digital Therapeutics

On this journey called life, we all face tough times, where we just need a listener,a place where we can voice our thoughts, secure in the fact that we’ll find comfort , reassurance and validation for our feelings.
That’s what Toby is, your emotional companion, providing and ensuring therapeutic well being through AI assisted listening.
Our Symbol-A Turtle-steady, even paced and untiringly perseverant !

Digital Therapeutics

Digital therapeutics is a new trend in the rapidly-growing mHealth or mobile health industry for life sciences. These are advanced software solutions or applications used in the treatment of specific medical conditions that are focused on delivering clinical outcomes. It helps patients deal with a variety of medical conditions and also supports them throughout the various stages of the healthcare journey.

With the help of TOBY, patients can now take full control of their mental health. Toby’s evidence based, AI driven therapeutic intervention applies Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to treat depression & anxiety disorders.

What does it do?


An AI-powered platform, TOBY is an empathetic listener, a safe space for people of all ages to have a meaningful conversation 24/7.


Expressing your thoughts, from your mind to a physical realm has a positive impact on your wellbeing. Toby is your private and digital diary that helps you live with intention, live in a state of harmony, be more mindful and grateful, thus helping you elevate the quality of your life.

Self-help Capsules

TOBY emphasizes the importance of self-care through the innovative, simple and systematic tools designed to offer advice, information and coping strategies to manage your issues.


To provide maximum aid, TOBY comes forth with relevant community support for your mental health improvement. Connect with like-minded individuals and share your thoughts.

Behind the vision

We are a team of Psychologists and Technologists extending our expertise in the field of mobile healthcare through TOBY.

Dr. Akash Singh

Chief Executive Officer

Kanwar Preet

Lead Chatbot

Deepa Bali

Lead Psychologist

Amit Kumar

Technology Manager

Mastanamma . G

Machine learning Engineer

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